Wall clocks might be the very first thing everyone thinks of when they plan to decorate the wall in their home and workplace. Round, square or oval; rustic, classic, modern or old-fashioned; with minimalist dial, timeworn or classical; with Arabic or Roman numerals; made of wood, metal, fabric, plastic or industrial concrete: a wall clock reflects the time as well as your taste.

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  • Wall Clock Decorative Home Design
    Antique Square Wrought Iron Wall Clock
    Time doesn't stand still … The hands of time continually keep ticking. Though considered a modern marvel, this artistic wrought iron wall clock is timelessly iconic.
  • Modern Wood Wall Clock
    Modern Chessboard Wood Wall Clock
    Our natural wood wall clock, a crisscross grid pattern set in front of a wood inlay meets a roundabout of black and white GO stones to create a presentation inspired by Chinese Go.
  • Large Modern Wall Clocks
    Modern Large Modern Wall Clock
    These large wooden wall clocks show how particle board can be both decorative and beautiful...
  • Kitchen Wall Clocks Modern
    Small Modern Kitchen Wall Clock
    A quartz battery wall clock, there’s an elegance, a grace to simplicity that elevates it above the everyday styles.
  • Custom Modern Wall Clock
    New Design Small Round Wall Clock
    This gorgeous small round wall clock piece is the perfect addition to your home or office. Natural wood and a soft, light blue face keep this design looking chic and stylish.
  • Home Decor Wall Clock
    14" Gray Vintage Wall Clock
    A overall retro grey design vintage wall Clock, with Roman numeral on the dial, bronze clock hands.
  • Decorative Glass Wall Clock
    Decorative Triangle Design Wall Clock
    With triangle pattern design wall clock, the line effect between triangles, one is mirror, the other is transparent,。
  • Glass Clocks for Walls
    Galaxy Graphic Glass Wall Clock
    This galaxy graphic glass wall clock, derived from the galactic cosmic element of science fiction, combined with transparent design silkscreen printed on glass, with star shaped clock hands, which is like a view of the universe on a telescope.
  • 12 Inch Metal Wall Clock
    12 Inch Decoration Metal Wall Clock
    The creative metal wall clock, different from traditional paper dial, the twelve transparent acrylic Arabic numerals are used as the scale to form a visual floating effect.
  • 12 Wooden Wall Clock
    12" Simple Design Wall Clock
    A simple design wall clock, wood veneer pattern dial with 12 number and gold color hands,  is suitable for nature decoration style.
  • 35CM Wooden Wall Clock
    35 CM Modern Wooden Wall Clock
    With wood veneer pattern dial, a modern wooden wall clock, semi-transparent hands and plywood clock case. Natural wooden element design.
  • Decorative wall clocks for living room
    Starry Sky Decorative Wall Clock
    A starry sky decorative wall clock with dark sky backgroud dial, gold star on clock hands as stars in dark sky.
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