As a professional and experienced clock developer and manufacturer, ELITE provides one-stop service and a variety of clock series: wall clocks of various shapes, materials, designs and styles, alarm clocks, tables and creative clocks. Here, you can always find the clock to help you, not only to track time, but also to stay ahead!
OEM and ODM projects are welcome. Elite Group has established a stable cooperative relationship with many well-known brand companies, and all projects are progressing smoothly.

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  • Classic Alarm Clock Analog Silent
    Plastic Classic Silent Alarm Clock
    A swanky font lends a touch of sophisticated elegance to the nostalgic design of this battery-operated silent alarm clock.
  • Alarm Clock Retro Style
    Battery Non Ticking Retro Alarm Clock
    Designed to decoratively replicate the nostalgia of the 1950's, this retro alarm clock is ready to rock!
  • Black Analog Quartz Table Alarm Clock
    CE Travel Battery Operated Alarm Clock
    There's a new kid on the block! Check out the groovy style of this battery operated alarm clock.
  • China Supplier Alarm Clock
    Travel Black Beep Analogue Alarm Clock
    Take things back to diner days of checkered prints and poodle skirts! Retro and charmingly inspired by vintage timepieces, this plastic box analogue alarm clock is quite the looker.
  • Bedside Desk Travel Alarm Clock
    Travel Bedside BB Alarm Clock
    Contemporary and ultra chic, white and black combos are making a comeback! Featuring a white plastic casing and black accents, this 12 hour bedside alarm clock provides a crisp and clear presentation of time.
  • Analog Travel Alarm Clock
    Analog Bedside Alarm Travel Clock
    Plunder into pearly perfection! Presented with a bright print paper dial (make a pearl effect) and bold black numerals, this 12 hour alarm travel clock combines contemporary charisma with vintage charm.
  • Alarm Clocks Manufacturers
    Battery Alarm Quartz Clock with Light
    It isn't everyday you come across an alarm clock that can be customized to express your personal style. Featuring a separated colour PET second disc dial, this alarm quartz clock can personalized for decoration.
  • Alarm Clock Travel
    Travel Square Original Alarm Clock
    With colorful dials that slightly enhance the decorative appeal of your bedroom, office, study or dorm, this original alarm clock is functional and fun to use.
  • Alarm Clock Funny
    Analog Portable Small Alarm Clock
    Featuring a summery stripe pattern, this small alarm clock is a fun favorite among teen girls, college co-eds and decorators who specialize in preppy presentations.
  • Office Sitting Table Clock
    Small Beside Decorative Table Clock
    The enigmatic essence of Parisian charm is perfectly personified by these decorative table clock pretties.
  • Fireplace Clock
    Battery Quartz Small Mantel Clock
    Placed in a case crafted from concrete, this small mantel clock is extra durable and decoratively out of the ordinary.
  • Mantelpiece Clocks
    Farmhouse Analog Mantel Shelf Clock
    Inspired by the simplistic beauty of modern concrete creations, this mantel shelf clock makes it easy to infuse hints of contemporary chicness into your home or office design schemes.
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