As a professional and experienced clock developer and manufacturer, ELITE provides one-stop service and a variety of clock series: wall clocks of various shapes, materials, designs and styles, alarm clocks, tables and creative clocks. Here, you can always find the clock to help you, not only to track time, but also to stay ahead!
OEM and ODM projects are welcome. Elite Group has established a stable cooperative relationship with many well-known brand companies, and all projects are progressing smoothly.

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  • Creative Fashion Table Clock
    Creative L Shape Metal Table Clock
    "L" shaped metal table clock with embossed dots on 12 hours' position, a novel clock worth to be sitting on your desk.
  • Small Table Clocks
    Creative Modern Small Table Clocks
    The creative modern small table clock with black and white color, the Roman Colosseum style casing, cross-play a new and unique clock design.
  • Vintage Alarm Clock
    Basic Vintage Desk Alarm Clock
    Retro pocket desk alarm clock with easy-to-read dial design, brings a fresh accent to your home or office.
  • Loud Alarm Clock
    Kids Cute Loud Alarm Clock
    Adorable bear design oval loud alarm clock is a perfect gift for children, and nice decoration for children's room.
  • Home Decor Clocks
    Battery Colorful Decor Wall Clock
    This decor wall clock, with 12 Arabic numerals in different bright colors, will help children to recognize the colors and numbers.
  • Cartoon Wall Clocks
    12 Inch White Dot Plastic Wall Clock
    12 inch white dot plastic wall clock, in the theme of childhood, with bright color matching and bubble pattern design, this clock easily earns children's attention.
  • Modern White Square Wall Clock
    Modern White Square Wall Clock
    This white color square wall clock, with colorful design will help enlighten children's recognition for colors in their early age.
  • Decorative Alarm Clock
    Desk Antique Decorative Alarm Clock
    A desk antique decorative alarm clock, antique style of the casing, clock face and bells, along with brush finishing, restored ancient design.
  • 8 Inch Two Bell Alarm Clocks
    8 Inch Big Two Bell Alarm Clocks
    The elegant 8 inch big two bell alarm clock in seasonal flowers design theme, with antique style of casing brushed, displays the old fashion in home decor.
  • Spindle Clock
    Customised Modern Spindle Wall Clock
    Drawing inspiration from fireworks and starbursts, we've created a unique spoke style spindle wall clock that spectacularly radiates to steal the show.
  • Bright Colored Wall Clocks
    Gradient 24 Hour Dome Wall Clock
    Inspired by beautiful sunsets and sunrises, the gradient effect featured in the design of these round dome wall clocks is bound to take your breath away.
  • 24 Hours Movement Wall Clock
    Decorative MDF 24 Hour Wall Clock
    Available in extra vivid color combos inspired by circus candy and carnivals, these 24 hour wall clocks are functional and decorative.
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