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  • 20 Inch Wall Clock
    Round Large Contemporary Wall Clock
    Haven't you heard? - Simple and minimal is in and on trend. Crafted from lightweight plywood and fitted with wooden hands, this large contemporary wall clock is widely adored by modern minimalists with sophisticated taste.
  • Large Kitchen Wall Clock
    Large Antique Living Room Clock
    Sometimes it's the details that matter most. Providing a simple but stylish display inspired by vintage nostalgia, this large living room clock ranks high among those decorating homes and offices.
  • Large Metal Clock
    Large Shabby Chic Blue Wall Clock
    Let the good times roll! Inspired by diners during the 1950's, this large blue wall clock brings back memories of retro bistros and burger joints.
  • Ancient Wall Clock
    European Style Large Brown Wall Clock
    Sophistication is an understatement when it comes to describing the design of this large brown wall clock. Enhanced with a rusted effect that gives the impression of age, the clock looks as though it has been kept away in a time capsule.
  • Customizable Quartz Wall Clock
    Quartz Metal Customizable Wall Clock
    In keeping with old world tradition, the 12 and 6 numeric indicators featured on this round customizable wall clock are larger than the others. This is because these two times are the most transitional periods of the day.
  • Large Modern Wall Clocks
    Modern Large Modern Wall Clock
    These large wooden wall clocks show how particle board can be both decorative and beautiful...
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