Cuckoo Clocks Look Amazing as Home Décor Items August 24,2018.
how to spruce up the home and add some depth to the decor? choose this trendy design, these wall-mounted timepieces are little pieces of art – regardless of its style, adding a modern cuckoo clock in the space brings warmth and character to it.

Why should you purchase this cuckoo clock?

It is Beautiful to Look At!

This trendy design clock is available in two shades that will be extremely attractive customers so make sure retailers are aware of this fact. They can take their pick from a lovely dark blue color and a warm coffee shade. The best part is these tones can work well with practically all surroundings. Whether they wish to hang it in their office, study, or living room – it looks incredible everywhere. It is something they like to show off for guests too – it can be the USP of this product!

Musical Tune

Harmonious chimes are enjoyed by everyone, so their customer will surely enjoy the bird’s coos every hour as it comes out to sing a mellow tune that makes them feel happy.

Correct Time

If you are worried about accuracy, rest assured, this particular cuckoo clock features precision quartz movement and has an accuracy of +/-30 sec/month. Hence you can guarantee retailers and gift merchants that this clock will always show the right time, so they can put customers’ minds’ at ease about not being late to work every morning.


The plastic clock case is in the shape of a house, while the hands are made of metal. The entire piece is manufactured using top quality components for better durability and longevity. You need to assure those buying from you that the item is of top quality – once you tell them that this particular piece lasts for a long while, orders will come pouring in.

Please bear in mind that the MOQ is 1000 pieces, and test order is welcomed.

In summary, whether as cuckoo clocks wholesale, but also as a gift or specially customized, this is a good choice. At the same time, as a manufacturer, Elite Group has more than 25 years of experience in clock manufacturing and a professional service team for global buyers. Looking for a professional cuckoo clock factory? We also give you the most solid support, get in touch now.

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