Most of us need an alarm clock by our bed to help us start a new day in the morning. In our alarm clock collections, you can choose to be woken by traditional bell alarm or musical / radio alarm, or to steal a lazy moment in the morning by the snooze function. An alarm clock in right style will give a touch to your loving room decor as well.

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  • Vintage Alarm Clock
    Basic Vintage Desk Alarm Clock
    Retro pocket desk alarm clock with easy-to-read dial design, brings a fresh accent to your home or office.
  • Loud Alarm Clock
    Kids Cute Loud Alarm Clock
    Adorable bear design oval loud alarm clock is a perfect gift for children, and nice decoration for children's room.
  • Decorative Alarm Clock
    Desk Antique Decorative Alarm Clock
    A desk antique decorative alarm clock, antique style of the casing, clock face and bells, along with brush finishing, restored ancient design.
  • 8 Inch Two Bell Alarm Clocks
    8 Inch Big Two Bell Alarm Clocks
    The elegant 8 inch big two bell alarm clock in seasonal flowers design theme, with antique style of casing brushed, displays the old fashion in home decor.
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